Lucha Libre Dallas

Lucha Libre Dallas is a bilingual two-month collaboration within The Dallas Morning News, Neighbors Go, and Al Día Dallas.

Lucha Libre Dallas es una colaboración bilingüe de dos meses con The Dallas Morning News, Neighbors Go y Al Día Dallas.

Read the full project here/Lee el project entero aquí.

“Ladies and gentlemen, con ustedes …”

In a mix of English and Spanish, announcer Sergio Reyes introduces two luchadores who have entered the ring at Gaston Bazaar in East Dallas.

Two Anglo wrestlers warm up the audience. Reyes gets close and pokes them, looking for a reaction. The next match is a four-man, all-Hispanic tag-team battle that makes the crowd go wild. Fists pump in the air and passionate words fly across the ring.

Lucha libre, the popular Mexican version of wrestling known for its colorful masks and acrobatic style, is alive in the Dallas area.

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