Building a skateboarding community at DeFremery Park in Oakland

Click here to read my article published on Oakland North.

“DeFremery Park in Oakland is tubular—grimy.

The blinding sun’s reflection hits empty cans of beer, and buds and roaches on the corners where the ramps and the walls meet. There’s an untraceable scent of burning cigarettes and weed. It is a place where during the day, kids wearing bright orange, green, and blue shirts with skateboarding graphics skate in patterns as they cross paths with adult skaters, wearing gray and black grungy shirts and jeans with holes in them.


Norbert Elliot, 24, looks like the stereotype of a Californian skateboarder: Dreads down to his chest, a black tee that says “New Legacy” (the name of the apparel company that sponsors him), yellowish orange jeans, cool flat-sole skateboarding shoes, and white headphones in his ears. Every sentence that comes out of his mouth slides up and down, like a skateboard going from side to side on a ramp—a Californian drawl.”


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